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A class of plant growth hormones (auxins) of which over 60 are known; these were first isolated in 1938 from cultures of Gibberella fujikuroi, the fungus causing Bakanese disease in rice. Also found in higher plants; diterpenoid acids available commercially.
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Gibberellin is a well-known endogenous factor to be strongly and negatively correlated with flowering levels in citrus (GOREN and GOLDSCHMIDT, 1970; GRAVINA, 2007; IGLESIAS et al., 2007; KOSHITA et al., 1999).
[24] reported that improved sprouting of bulbs could be achieved by a short treatment with gibberellins that can be used with or without exposing the plants to low temperatures.
Our results support the concept that the growth promotion in plants induced by Azospirillum infection may occur by a combination of both gibberellin production and gibberellin glucoside or glucosyl ester de-conjugation by the bacterium (Piccoli et al.
The poultry and gibberellins applications alleviated from the negative affect of saline waterfigures (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10).
The germination rate of large-leaved gentian seeds were significantly improved after soaking with different concentrations of gibberellins compared with the control group.
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The responses of the 3-node explants to some supplementary sources of different aminoacids and growth regulators indol-3-acetic acid 6- benzylaminopurine and gibberellins A3 were also analysed.