giant fibroadenoma

gi·ant fi·bro·ad·e·no·ma

a massive benign fibroadenoma seen mostly in adolescent girls.
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Surgical excision is demonstrated if the mass persists to adulthood or reaches 5 cm which can lead to risk of developing giant fibroadenoma or cystosarcoma phyllodes (1, 2, 13).
(3-5) In a review of 15 publications, Neinstein found that giant benign phylloides tumours and giant fibroadenoma made up less than 1 percent of all benign tumours of the adolescent breast.
Giant fibroadenoma, greater than 5cm or 500gm can be associated with significant deformity, raising suspicion for malignancy and requiring surgical excision12.
Oh, "Giant fibroadenoma in the axilla: a common entity of uncommon size in a rare location," Archives of Plastic Surgery, vol.
The fibroadenoma is followed by benign phyllodes tumour (10.56%) and a very small contribution of other benign tumours which include juvenile fibroadenoma, giant fibroadenoma and lipoma (1.11% each).
Virginal hypertrophy, giant fibroadenoma, and cystosarcoma phyllodes are the important differential diagnoses to be considered when one encounters a large breast mass.
(26) reported a-72-year-old man who presented with a giant fibroadenoma (25 cm) having received 4 years of anti-androgen therapy for prostate carcinoma after orchidectomy.
(1,2,5,9,10) The term giant fibroadenoma is reserved for fibroadenomas that are greater than 5 cm in diameter.
INTRODUCTION: Giant fibroadenoma is defined as tumour measuring 5 cm or more in diameter or disproportionately large compared to the rest of the breast.
Juvenile FA can assume a large size, and the terms cellular fibroadenoma or giant fibroadenoma have been used by some authors for this entity.
Fine needle aspiration cytology revealed -features suggestive of benign lesion, s/o giant fibroadenoma.