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n an injury; a tort; a violation of right or of law; an injustice; a violation of right resulting in damage to another.

Patient discussion about wrong

Q. my legs hurt all the time, what is wrong with them? they ach in the joints and sometimes I get burning needle point pain and the muscles feel like sandpaper

A. There can be a lot of reasons for leg or joint pain, and usually there are not specific problems you can deal with medically. Are you exercising too much? Sometimes stress fractures from running can cause the kind of pain you are describing. Either way you should see someone about this if it is bothering you, either an orthopedic surgeon or a neurologist.

Q. I have missed 2 periods and had my tubes tied. What could be wrong? I went to the doctor and she didnt even do an exam. She said dont worry until I have missed for 6 months.

A. go to enather dr. you have to be shure.

Q. I keep having this bad pain in my abdomin and I think something is wrong with me what could it be

A. it all depends on the symtoms,could be a number of things,if it persists go see a doctor,

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There's so much about Arab culture and the Muslim religion that much of the world still gets wrong.
So it is up to the opposition to make him put right what he gets wrong.
He's his own man and he has his own way of working, but I would say he gets more signings right than he gets wrong.
And yesterday Wales Office Minister Wayne David told journalists: "Cheryl Gillan made some quite amazing comments, and we do question to what extent she is engaged with political reality when she gets wrong not once but twice that Carwyn is the First Minister.
But there's a trust there, from his manager, his keeper, his full-backs, that for every decision he gets wrong he'll get 99 right.
It was a game-changing decision, a big call and a decision he gets wrong.
It is not an audit of the business, merely a snapshot of specific transactions, usually high-value ones and particular areas which business normally gets wrong, such as road fuel scale charges, EU transactions and certain business expenses.
THROUGHOUT much of the year, we in Los Angeles find ourselves grumbling about all that city government gets wrong.
The author also gets wrong the fact that FDR's most important--and revered--campaign speech from 1932 was written by Adolf and Beatrice Berle.