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the period of development of the young in viviparous animals, from the time of fertilization of the oocyte (ovum) to birth; see also pregnancy.
gestation period the duration of pregnancy; in the human female, the average length, calculated from the first day of the last normal menstrual period, is 280 days, or 6 lunar months. The normal limits of the human gestation period are from 37 weeks (259 days) to 42 weeks (293 days); days and weeks are counted as completed days and weeks. If one counts from the moment of conception, the length of time is 266 days (280−14 days).
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The state of a female after conception and until the termination of the gestation.
[L. praegnans (praegnant-), pregnant, fr. prae, before, + gnascor, pp. natus, to be born]
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The period of development in the uterus from conception until birth; pregnancy.

ges′ta·to′ry (jĕs′tə-tôr′ē), ges·ta′tion·al adj.
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Pregnancy Reproduction medicine The period from fertilization to delivery/birth. See Multiple gestation.
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The state of a female after conception and until the termination of the gestation.
Synonym(s): gestation.
[L. praegnans (praegnant-), pregnant, fr. prae, before, + gnascor, pp. natus, to be born]
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the development of the embryo in the uterus of mammals. The gestation period is the time elapsing from fertilization and the implantation of the embryo to birth. This takes 60 days in the domestic cat, 9 months in humans and 18 months in the Indian elephant.
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The period from conception to birth, during which the developing fetus is carried in the uterus.
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State of a female after conception and until termination of gestation.
[L. praegnans (praegnant-), pregnant, fr. prae, before, + gnascor, pp. natus, to be born]
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Patient discussion about gestation

Q. Will she be tired all her pregnancy? My wife is 6 weeks pregnant with our first baby. She is tired all the time and goes to bed at 7 PM. Will she be like this the whole pregnancy?

A. Don't worry, this is very common! Here are some tips to help her with her tiredness:
-She should take short breaks during the day and lie down and lift her feet up. This can help her feel better and less tired. If she is at work and can't lie down, then she should just pick her legs up on a chair.
-She should take a few short naps during the day and sleep at least 7-8 hours a night.
- She should sleep on her left side as this improves the blood flow to the womb.

Q. Is this the symptom of pregnancy? I have burning rashes all over my face and neck and it is itching a lot. I’ve tried with popular brand lotions and all of them are in vain. I have consulted skin specialist also and he said this is not an allergic reaction. Can anyone give me some insight on this and what I could use to get rid of this crazy outbreak of rashes every now and then….. It’s just my skin got really sensitive for some reason... Is this the symptom of pregnancy?

A. I really doubt this. Morning sickness is one of the primary symptoms of pregnancy and you didn’t say anything about it. But developing rashes might be due to any skin deficiency for which you may have to consult a physician than forming your own conclusions. I don't know about the rash, but I broke out a lot during my first pregnancy. It's not a sure sign, but possible. My skin was itchy everywhere when I was pregnant. Every woman is different, some break out with bad acne when they get pregnant, and other's clear up. I broke out bad, but if you know your body, then it could be a sign!

Q. Which vaccinations are allowed during pregnancy? I'm 13 weeks pregnant and planning to travel to east Africa.

A. if you have to make some "vaccinations" to travel outbroad, you can also find out if a homeopathic vaccination exists. this will be okay for you and for sure.

Please check urgently the links on this page before you would like to go on with any vaccination, you should check out this very long list of links:

at the bottom you will also find links in english. vaccinations in general are very disputable/dubious and it is probably time that we learn about it.

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Among the 236 pre-term births within the study group, women who continued their marijuana use up to 20 weeks of gestation experienced shorter gestations --less than 30 weeks on average--than women who did not use marijuana.