germinal stage

ger·mi·nal stage

(jĕr'mi-năl stāj)
A period of development beginning at conception and lasting through the first 8 weeks, characterized by rapid cell division; implantation occurs; the placenta and body systems form.
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In "mapping the geography of ignorance"--the book's stated goal--DeNicola takes himself to be charting a relatively new field of inquiry, where scholarship is still in a germinal stage. Taking the geographical metaphor seriously, DeNicola divides the book into sections treating ignorance as place, boundary, limit, and horizon, respectively.
In most regions, these factors are still in its germinal stage, if they do exist at all.
The first part of the book includes six chapters the follow the road to psychosis and the evolution of delusion from its germinal stage to depersonalization and transpersonalization.
DENVER A Germinal Stage Denver presentation of a play in two acts by Jim Lillie.
Even though the sector is at a germinal stage, the will is there.'
She reads Margaret Cavendish's and other early modern women writers, use of this trope in romances and protonovels-novels as a germinal stage in the development of the modern "free" imperial consciousness.
In the 1940s and 1950s, Falkenstein worked principally in San Francisco and Paris, participating in the germinal stages of Abstract Expressionism, Art autre, Art informel--and even making an early cameo appearance with the Gutai Group--thus qualifying as one of the few post-World War II artists with a truly international reach.
"The onslaught of hundreds of new retail tea outlets--and thousands more projected to open in the next few years--parallels the germinal stages of the fledgling U.S.
paid more than a few dues in the years between its germinal stages in the 1960's to its now ultra comfortable, corporate retail chain stores of the 2000's.