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 (Ge) [jer-ma´ne-um]
a chemical element, atomic number 32, atomic weight 72.59. (See Appendix 6.)
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ger·ma·ni·um (Ge),

A metallic element, atomic no. 32, atomic wt. 72.61.
[L. Germania, Germany]
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Fringe nutrition
A metallic element used in high-tech industries and believed in the 1920s to be an essential trace element. There is no known metabolic role for germanium in the body, and in large quantities it is toxic to the kidneys. Lack of supporting scientific data notwithstanding, purveyors of alternative health therapies have promoted germanium as a therapy for AIDS, allergies, anaemia, arthritis, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, diseases of the heart, liver and nervous system, headaches, infections, sexual dysfunction and other conditions; it is claimed to reduce birth defects and lower cholesterol levels.
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A metallic element; atomic no. 32, atomic wt. 72.61.
[L. Germania, Germany]
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In order to extract the parameters, the C-V curve plays a very vital role, so to account for the carrier quantification in germanium, C-V simulation is performed.
Asai I began to use his Geoxy 132 from the Asai Germanium Institute over the next 16 years on several hundred cancer cases but also with other diseases, obtaining unique and memorable results.
Figure 5 shows the difference in FFT PSF cross-sectional curves between the refractive, diffractive, and the designed four-step binary germanium lens.
The results in figure (3) show the samples of NiTi with and without germanium after sintering.
In such cases, denoted as Ge/Si, in which the concentration of germanium in the core is higher than the concentration of silicon in the (incomplete) shell, the reverse ratio of atoms was used: 29/6, 29/18, 53/18, 71/28, and 87/60.
The images showed that the verification change of the structural of the germanium was from the amorphous phase to the crystalline phase.
Germanium geochemistry in medicinal waters is a new research subject worth detailed, multidisciplinary studying.
Other technologies driving demand for non-ferrous include antimony tin oxide and micro capacitors for antimony; lithium-ion batteries and synthetic fuels for cobalt; fibre optic cable for and infra red optical technologies for germanium; catalysts and seawater desalination for palladium; and micro capacitors and ferroalloys for niobium.
With the new capabilities, the company expects Germanium products to occupy a vastly increased portion of the business.
Celtic Herbal Relaxing Bath Oil pounds 8.25, Not to be confused with the similarly named flower, germanium is a mineral found in the water at Lourdes, which possesses a wide range of health benefits.
A variable incident angle of 60[degrees] to 65[degrees] and a germanium ATR element result in greater sensitivity.
Channel engineering is addressed next in chapters that discuss the use of strain; the incorporation of new materials such as silicon-germanium, germanium, and III-V compounds; and new device configurations based on fin-shaped field effect transistors and nanowires.