germ tube

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germ tube

a young hypha growing out of a yeast cell or spore, the beginning of a mycelium; also used as a rapid test for differentiating Candida albicans from other Candida species.


1. old-fashioned and lay term for a pathogenic microorganism.
2. living substance capable of developing into an organ, part or organism as a whole; a primordium. Commonly used to refer to the embryos of wheat grains which are removed during milling and sold separately as wheat germ.

germ cell
direct descendants of the primordial cells which originate from the yolk sac endoderm and migrate to the gonadal ridges of the embryo, where they give rise to either ova or spermatozoa. Called also gonocytes, sex cells.
germ cell tumor
a rare tumor in dogs, similar to more common lesions in humans. Similar to pituitary adenomas in distribution and cellular characteristics.
germ line
the genetic material as it is transferred via the gametes, before being modified by somatic recombination or mutation.
germ line cells
germ line transmission
a mode of transmission, particularly of retroviruses, whereby the genome of the virus is integrated into the chromosomal DNA and transmitted via gametes to offspring.
germ plasma evaluation program
a planned investigative, large scale breeding program aimed at accumulating comparative information on the relative performance of various breeds and crossbreeds of agricultural animals.
germ theory
1. all organisms are developed from a cell.
2. infectious diseases are of microbial origin.
germ tube
a tube-like structure that develops during the growth of some fungi and becomes a hypha; a feature of the yeast, Candida albicans.
wheat germ
see wheat germ.
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To corroborate the killing action of [alpha]-T, aliquots obtained from viable cells reduction experiments at different times (see Section "Inhibition of germ tube formation") were stained with 10 [micro]l of aqueous propidium iodide (PI) (Molecular Probes, Eugene, USA) solution (10 [micro]g/ml) and fluorescein diacetate (FDA) (Sigma-Aldrich, St.
In addition to variation in trehalose assimilation rates, 3-4 distinct types were apparent in the germ tube test.
Sphaeroplasts from some fungi have been prepared by digesting the germ tube cell wall more successfully than digesting the spore wall itself.
The aims of this study were to prepare IgY antibodies against C albicans by immunizing an egg-laying hen with a combination of yeast and germ tube cells and to determine whether these antibodies prevented disseminated candidiasis in BALB/c mice.
It can stop plant pathogen spores from germinating, disrupt germ tube and mycelial growth and inhibit attachment of the plant pathogen to the leaf by producing a zone of inhibition restricting the growth of these disease causing pathogens.
Inhibition of germ tube formation was detected in the presence of whole breast milk.
The conidial germination and penetration of the germ tube was observed after 120 hrs of inoculation.