geriatric nurse practitioner

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geriatric nurse practitioner (GNP)

a registered nurse with additional education obtained through a master's degree program in nursing that prepares the nurse to deliver primary health care to elderly adults.

geriatric nurse practitioner

Abbreviation: GNP
An advanced practice registered nurse with a graduate specialty degree in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of acute and chronic conditions commonly found among older adults and generally associated with aging. Generally GNPs are required to have specialty certification by a nationally recognized credentialing organization. The functions of the GNP are defined by individualized scope of practice and collaborative agreements with physicians and other health-care providers based on state nurse practice acts and experience, education, knowledge, and abilities.
Synonym: gerontologic nurse practitioner
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Geriatric nurse practitioners as nursing home employees: Implementing the role.
For example, Vermont has a high number of elderly but few APRN geriatric nurse practitioners.
In an article in the American Society on Aging newspaper Aging Today, Mathy Mezey and Priscilla Ebersole point out that geriatric nurse practitioners (GNPs), working with physicians, have already been shown to deliver high-quality primary care to frail nursing home residents.
Physicians practicing in nursing homes whose workforce includes trained physician extenders, especially geriatric nurse practitioners, were less apprehensive than others about their legal liability.
Earlier research from this group found that urinary incontinence often takes a back seat, among physicians, geriatric nurse practitioners, and directors of nursing, to other common conditions, such as dementia, falls, unintended weight loss, pain, and delirium.

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