geranyl pyrophosphate

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ger·a·nyl py·ro·phos·phate

(jer'a-nil pī'rō-fos'fāt),
A key intermediate in the biosynthesis of sterols, dolichols, ubiquinone, and prenylated proteins.
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In vivo studies and incorporation of radioactive compounds experiments revealed that geranyl pyrophosphate is the precursor of iridoids [37-39].
In addition to the effects on cholesterol biosynthesis, statins regulate the synthesis of various other major products such as dolichol, geranyl pyrophosphate, and farnesyl pyrophosphate.
Researchers have illustrated that geraniol can be synthesised by geraniol synthase from geranyl pyrophosphate (GPP) [10,15], then by a dehydrogenase [10,19] or an oxidase [10,17] be converted to geranial.
The transient intermediate (10) undergoes an El elimination to generate a new carbon-carbon double bond and form geranyl pyrophosphate (11) (ref.