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An olefinic terpene alcohol that is the principal constituent of oil of rose and oil of palmarosa; also found in many other volatile oils (for example, citronella and lemon grass). An isomer of linalool; an oily liquid with sweet rose odor used in perfumery that is also used as an insect attractant.
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has been attributed to the presence of volatile substances in its leaves, such as citronellal, citronellol, and geraniol, among others (Shasany et al., 2000).
W badanym przez autorow niniejszej pracy preparacie (OL-ML) cytronelal, cytronelol i geraniol dominowaly, stanowiac, odpowiednio: 28,7%, 14% i 16,4% skladu.
Therefore, CS used in poultry diets due to the effectiveness of coriander EO components such as linalool, camphor and geraniol can control the growth of pathogenic gram positive and gram negative microorganisms (Sahib et al., 2013; Duarte et al., 2016).
The media components were procured from Himedia (India) while geraniol was purchased from Aldrich (Germany).
In contrast, [beta]-myrcene compounds, D-limonene, [beta]-ocimene, [gamma]-elemene, [beta]-citral and geraniol were collected in higher concentration in symptomatic than in asymptomatic shoots of the same lemon tree species.
Linalool, geraniol, geranial, methyl chavicol and eugenol were active components against A.
The principal constituent of the herb is an essential oil that contains citral, citronellol, limonene, geraniol and metatabilacetone.
Additional floral volatiles evaluated included geraniol, an attractant for some Lepidoptera adults (Carlsson et al.
Administration of oral, encapsulated geraniol (60/mg/kg/day) was followed by a rapid clearing (3.5 days) of all lesions.