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A monoterpene aldehyde consisting of both geometric isomers found in oils from lemon, orange, verbena, and lemon grass; citral-A is the trans-isomer and citral-B is the cis-isomer (neral).
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152 0,6 7 29,21 Nerol + Citronelol 1,5 8 29,81 Neral 34,9 9 30,11 Geraniol 10,1 10 30,87 Geranial 41,8 11 31,31 M+ 186 0,7 12 31,51 M+ 186 0,7 13 34,85 Acetato de geranilo 1,5 14 36,88 trans- Cariofileno 0,2 15 37,12 Cis-a-Bergamotero 0,1 16 38,99 2-Tridecanona 0,2 17 43,19 neo-intermedol 0,9 18 43,98 a-Cadinol 0,2 19 44,37 Intermedeol 0,2 20 53,75 [M.
6%); el segundo quimiotipo (Municipio Belterra) se destaco por una alta proporcion del limoneno (32%), la carvona (32%) y el mirceno (11%); y el tercero (Municipio Chaves) por el geranial (23%), el neral (14%) y el germacreno D (25%).
With main lead essential oil molecules identified as geraniol, geranial and neral as confirmed by GC-MS analysis; it has already been elucidated that these compounds exhibit high antimicrobial activities against various Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, as well as against the yeast Candida (Jirovetz et al.
The main components of the oil at both years were neral and geranial for all treatments.
Our results indicate that the antimicrobial activity of the evaluated essential oils may be largely due to the presence of the oxygenated monoterpenes linalool, 1,8-cineole, neral and geranial, which were the main compounds present in four (basil, lemongrass, laurel, and cinnamon leaf) of the five essential oils that presented the strongest antimicrobial potential against the tested bacteria.
The Prolonged fragmentation of geranial (105) by sporulated surface cultures of Penicillium italicum (Demyttenaere and De Pooter 1996) resulted in the degradation of geraniol to 6-methyl-5-hepten-2-one (306) (Scheme 105).
Correlation coefficient between geranial and neral percentage in various fertilizer treatments was [R.
The published results reveal that major volatile constituents obtained from the aerial parts of the plant are geranial, linalool, carvacrol, thymol and trans-thujan-4-ol/terpinen-4-ol [23,25,27,28].
Most of these reports indicate that neral and geranial are the main characteristic constituents of C.
It is a nature mixture of the isomeric acyclic aldehydes geranial (trans-citral, citral A) and neral (cis-citral, citral B).