The study of disease in relation to regions, climates, and other environmental influences.
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Not only have they had significant impact on more recent theories, including Una Chaudhuri's concept of geopathology which will be discussed later, but also they provide a way of considering space as social space.
He notes that psychogeopathology always accompanies geopathology and is revealed through exploration of "the underlying cultural, historical and ecological causes of psychopathology": areas traditionally overlooked in psychoanalysis (179), but precisely the themes emphasized by Banks through the disruption between individuals, families, and the environment--domestic, communal, and natural--in Three Storey, Ocean View.
The tension between "belonging and exile, home and homelessness" caused by geopathology (Chaudhuri 15) is evident in Banks's characters.
The friction in Ruth's and Peg's geopathology between home as nurturing and home as imprisoning is also present in the lives of the women who have lived in the house and "had it hard" (123).
neighborhood, hometown, community and country ranged in between" are symptomatic of geopathology (Chaudhuri 55), and in Banks's plays, they frequently destabilize a sense of home.
Complutense de Madrid, Spain), examines her themes of women escaping home in the search for a space of their own, invasion of one's space and other geopathology.
Cerebrovascular disease: epidemiology and geopathology.