geopathic stress

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geopathic stress,

n negative health affects on the body caused by geoelectromagnetic frequencies.
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The Chinese and other ancient cultures, like the Vikings, Druids, Gypsies and Greeks, knew the harm caused by negative earth rays or geopathic stress and avoided building houses on such places.
have the same effect on the brain's vibrations as Geopathic stress, and this combination leads to health problems and a lowered immune system.
Levels of radiation, or geopathic stress, rocket further when faults intersect with each other or with underground water.
At Intuitive Concepts, we utilize over a dozen sciences to evaluate influences such as electromagnetic currents, geopathic stress, and other factors internal and external to one's living and working environments.
Suggesting that harmful electromagnetic fields (from the power grid, from radio frequency waves received and re-radiated by the power grid, and from geopathic stress zones) can disrupt electromagnetic signaling within an organism, he even introduces the concept of electromagnetic allergies.
Sceptics may mock, but devotees believe that all manner of health problems, from backache to ME, can be adversely affected if you're living or working somewhere heavily affected by geopathic stress.
Usually, the geopathically most stressed region agrees with the respective clinical picture and its maximal region - for instance, in the case of lower back pain it takes the form of segmental geopathic stress in the pelvic region.
To reliably detect a geopathic stress zone, certain test ampoules (Geovita) have proven helpful.
For example, ineffective eliminatory pathways impose disturbance on controlling the PNEI system, where additional nutritional deficiencies, microtoxicities, geopathic stress, manmade electromagnetic-magnetic pollution, or allergies only enhance the entropy and further aggravate a vicious circle of PNEI dysregulation.
So geopathic stress is a major stressor or cancer trigger.