geomagnetic field

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geomagnetic field,

n the magnetic field produced by the earth.
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In this work we have followed the methodology described by Lanos (2004) using the probability density functions of the three geomagnetic field elements: declination, inclination and intensity.
The effect of geomagnetic field fluctuations upon the changes in the cellular structure of apical meristem in Allium cepa L.
Unfortunately, the knowledge of the actual electron density distribution and the geomagnetic field structure is rather poor in operational GNSS applications.
Hypothesis D: GMF activity is associated with the lunar phase, especially in times of a quieter geomagnetic field (Radin & Rebman, 1998, p.
When a CME hits Earth, our planet's global geomagnetic field deflects the energy, interacts with the CME's magnetic field and funnels the solar energetic particles toward high latitude regions.
So long as the coronal hole remains open and is aligned with the Earth the geomagnetic field is disturbed with every rotation of the Sun at 27-day intervals.
Attention should be paid to one very important feature of chronobiological research--the influence of variations of the geomagnetic field.
Whenever a sensor is moved, a very small electric current is generated that provides information on position, geomagnetic field, and acceleration all details that make it possible to control and operate cell phones and tablets.
Geomagnetic field activity is expected to be at unsettled to active levels until midday on August 5.
Belonging to electromagnetic resonance phenomena is the effect of the geomagnetic field on living organisms.
As that solar wind approaches Earth, it gets deflected by the planet's geomagnetic field and wraps around the backside of Earth, much like air streaming around a car.