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In physiologic genu varum the bone seems normal without any sign of bone dysplasia.
In the physiologic genu varum it is less than 11 degrees, whereas in tibia vara it is greater than 11 degrees [24].
In physiologic genu varum education and assurance of the parents is important and just follow its natural course by reassessing the child in 6 months.
When severe genu varum is associated with severe medial tibial torsion and the metaphyseal-diaphyseal angle is 11 degrees or greater, a Denis Browne splint is prescribed with the feet (shoes) rotated laterally and with an 8 to 10-inch bar between the shoes.
In the adolescent with severe genu varum with marked malalignment of the mechanical axis of the lower limbs, occasionally osteotomy of the tibia or hemiepiphysiodesis of the distal femur and/or proximal tibial physis is indicated to correct the deformity [27].
Despite of the benign nature of physiologic or exaggerated physiologic genu varum and genu valgum, most of the pathologic causes need proper management by an orthopedic surgeon; hence, the importance of careful evaluation of the patients and determination of these pathologic causes is evident.
Effect of foot deformity on conventional mechanical axis deviation and ground mechanical axis deviation during single leg stance and two leg stance in genu varum.