genu recurvatum

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 [je´nu] (pl. ge´nua) (L.)
genu extror´sum genu varum.
genu intror´sum genu valgum.
genu recurva´tum hyperextensibility of the knee joint.
genu val´gum a childhood deformity, developing gradually, in which the knees rub together or “knock” in walking and the ankles are far apart; the most common causes are irregularity in growth of the long bones of the lower limb (sometimes from injury to the bone ends at the knee) and weak ligaments. The weight of the body, which is not supported properly, turns the knees in and the weak lower legs buckle until the ankles are spread far apart. See illustration. Called also knock-knee.

Genu valgum in young children varies in seriousness. Milder cases may disappear after early childhood as bones, ligaments, and muscles strengthen and coordination improves. More serious cases can often be corrected by strengthening exercises and by proper manipulation of the joints. Sometimes braces are used to ensure the proper alignment of growing legs. In a very young child, genu valgum involves only the soft bone ends where the bone grows. If allowed to continue for a number of years, the condition can lead to abnormal developments in body structure. The sooner corrective measures are taken, the more effective the treatment is likely to be.
Genu varum and genu valgum. From Copstead and Banasik, 2000.
genu va´rum an outward curvature of one or both lower limbs near the knee; see illustration. Called also bowleg.
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ge·nu re·cur·va·'tum

hyperextension of the knee, the lower limb having a forward curvature.
Synonym(s): back-knee
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genu recurvatum

Orthopedics Hyperextension of the knee, linked to paralysis of either the hamstrings or quadriceps. Cf Genu Valgum.
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ge·nu re·cur·va·tum

(jē'nyū rē-kŭr-vā'tŭm)
Hyperextension of the knee, the lower limb having a forward curvature.
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genu recurvatum

Hyperextension at the knee joint.
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However, it was considered that ligamentous instability, which might be associated with existent genu recurvatum deformity, might have established a ground for Hoffa's disease in our patient.
Another cause of poor outcome of the fractures of the proximal tibial epiphysis is physis growth arrest, which can lead to limb length discrepancy or angular deformity, particularly genu recurvatum in flexion type tibial tuberosity avulsion fractures [9].
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