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Relating to the genotype.
Synonym(s): genotypic


emanating from or pertaining to genotype.

genotypic selection
selection of breeding stock on the basis of known inherited characteristics.
genotypic value
value of the effect of all the individual's genes which affect the trait in question.
genotypic variance
the measure of the differences in genotype between individuals, i.e. the differences between individuals in factors which are determined the moment they are conceived.
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Where, Vg = genotypic variance and Vp = phenotypic variance.
Broad-sense heritability is higher than narrow-sense heritability because it doesn't exclude nonadditive gene effects from genotypic variance.
To ascertain whether variation in field hosts corrupted the trade-off pattern found in the field-collected individuals due to over-estimation of the genotypic variance, the genetic correlation between fecundity on bean and nasturtium of the six clones used as parents for the F2 generation was compared after c.
Genotypic variance components were estimated as the line variance component for a given cycle population.
If, for example, the population is also experiencing directional selection, this may well contribute to the genotypic variance apparent at linked loci.
In addition, the extent to which heritability is lowered depends on the magnitude of the genotype-year variance/ genotypic variance and genotype-year-location variance/genotypic variance (Yan, 2014).