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Relating to the genotype.
Synonym(s): genotypic


emanating from or pertaining to genotype.

genotypic selection
selection of breeding stock on the basis of known inherited characteristics.
genotypic value
value of the effect of all the individual's genes which affect the trait in question.
genotypic variance
the measure of the differences in genotype between individuals, i.e. the differences between individuals in factors which are determined the moment they are conceived.
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Although this program does not estimate additive and dominance genotypic values and percentages of variation, it does produce a [X.
2]) at each locus, the additive genotypic value (a) is much increased whereas the SM alleles are partially dominant or underdominant.
Although large sample sizes are obviously better than small ones, the results of the present study indicate that working with large samples at the expense of having less precise estimates of genotypic values of the trait for each of the genotypes may result in a serious loss of information with regard to the evolutionary potential of local populations.
The results indicate that we may be able to use predicted genotypic values based on statistical analyses to make decisions in our breeding program in early generations.
W(1)], can be expressed as the sum of two covariances: (i) the covariance between inbred genotypic values and inbred breeding values, [C.
The genotypic value of the genotype can be calculated from the definition of gene actions in the GE system (Fasoula and Fasoula, 1997; Mackay, 2001).
Phenotypic values, rather than genotypic values, are directly observable.
Finally, the different selection effects on the population mean under the epistatic model are analyzed to see whether selection can provide a test of the importance of epistatic gene action in determining genotypic values of a trait.
However, the variance of the sum of breeding values and dominance deviations, the genotypic value, changed very little with inbreeding (Table 4).
G']) between genotypic values in undivided target regions and genotypic values in subregions, for values of [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] ranging from 0 to 0.
99) of selecting one or more progeny with genotypic values greater than g' among progeny with index values greater than i for a normally distributed quantitative trait, nes and [n.
Based on these premises, our study aimed to predict and compare the genotypic value of agronomic and qualitative characters of three progenies of Panicum maximum resulting from the cross between two sexual progenitors and cultivars 'Mombaca' and 'Tanzania'.