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Relating to the genotype.
Synonym(s): genotypic


emanating from or pertaining to genotype.

genotypic selection
selection of breeding stock on the basis of known inherited characteristics.
genotypic value
value of the effect of all the individual's genes which affect the trait in question.
genotypic variance
the measure of the differences in genotype between individuals, i.e. the differences between individuals in factors which are determined the moment they are conceived.
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Genotypic selection for improvement of quantitative traits in corn using molecular marker loci.
Setting the selection intensity lower than the genotypic selection threshold (i [is less than] g) is less efficient than setting i = g because the frequency of inferior genotypes in the selected fraction increases as i decreases (Fig.
Thus, while half of the reported orchardgrass cultivars were developed by a combination of both phenotypic and genotypic selection methods, the greatest selection pressures were for spaced-plant traits.
If, however, a breeder were to combine genotypic selection with phenotypic selection, breeding efforts to improve quantitative traits could be accelerated (Bubeck et al.
Biplots and genotypic selections were made separately for four different salinity treatments.