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Relating to the genotype.
Synonym(s): genotypic
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Accuracy is obtained by the correlation between the genotypic value of the genetic treatment and that estimated or predicted from available information from the experiments (COSTA et al., 2005).
Path analysis can be done from phenotypic, genotypic or environmental correlations.
To investigate if there is any bias in terms of genotypic frequency, the genotypic frequencies are stratified in terms of males and females.
where [h.sup.2] is heritability in the broad sense; [[sigma].sub.g] is genotypic variance; and [[sigma]] is phenotypic variance.
The present study was conducted to identify genetic variants and to determine its heterozygosity, allelic and genotypic frequency in Sahiwal dairy cattle breed of Pakistan.
From September 2012 to September 2015, data were collected from 33 patients diagnosed with CHB and genotypic resistance who were treated at the First Affiliated Hospital, College of Medicine, Zhejiang University.
A total of 41 bacterial isolates could be cultured and identified by biochemical and genotypic test, which consisted of 14 (28%) isolates of E.
where GMS is genotypic mean square, EMS is error mean square, r is number of replication, and phenotypic variance is ([[sigma].sup.2.sub.p]) = [[sigma].sup.2.sub.g] + [[sigma].sup.2.sub.e].
In addition, the genotypic characteristics of HIV in patients failing ART is still unclear, since the available information is restricted to small, specific groups of patients, from different sites.
The fragments were identified and then the genotypic and allelic frequencies were determined at a 5% significance level using the POPGENE 1.31 software (Yeh et al., 1999).