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Relating to the genotype.
Synonym(s): genotypic


emanating from or pertaining to genotype.

genotypic selection
selection of breeding stock on the basis of known inherited characteristics.
genotypic value
value of the effect of all the individual's genes which affect the trait in question.
genotypic variance
the measure of the differences in genotype between individuals, i.e. the differences between individuals in factors which are determined the moment they are conceived.
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Secondary branches plant-1 showed highly significant and positive phenotypic and genotypic correlation with pods plant-1 (rg = 0.
The detennination of estimates of variance and covariance phenotypic, genotypic and enviromnent between the characters in pairs allows to continue the evaluations by obtaining the genotypic, phenotypic and environment correlations, according to KEMPTHORNE (1966), using the equations: Genotypic coefficient of correlation - rg = C[?
From September 2012 to September 2015, data were collected from 33 patients diagnosed with CHB and genotypic resistance who were treated at the First Affiliated Hospital, College of Medicine, Zhejiang University.
Results genotypic assays are interpreted by using specific algorithms for definition of viral tropism of a specific sample.
We then sought to establish the frequency and distribution of amplification failures to understand their potential to influence estimates of allelic and genotypic frequencies.
Even presenting a lower magnitude when compared to the environmental effect, the genotypic values can contribute to the general average, in lower degree.
A greater phenotypic coefficient of variability (PCOV) was observed than genotypic coefficient of the variation (GCOV) for all the traits (Table 2) which indicated that the apparent variation is not only due to genotypes but also due to the influence of environment.
Genotypic data from each sampled individual were compiled by sampling year and then grouped according to site.
Because of their instability, use of tandem repeats as genotyping targets can lead to problems with data interpretation and to overestimation of genotypic diversity by showing small variations in MLVA genotypes in isolates of otherwise identical background.
However, studies are lacking assessing genotypic variation a finer scales (i.
Genotypic and phenotypic correlation coefficients were estimated following the method of AI-Jibouri et al.