genotype frequency

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genotype frequency

the proportion of a particular genotype amongst all the individuals in a population. Thus, if a population sample contained 5 albinos and 95 normally-pigmented individuals, the genotype frequency of albinos (a/a) would be 0.05 or 5%. Note, however, that it is not possible to be certain of the frequency of A/a and A/A genotypes among the normal individuals, since both genotypes have the same PHENOTYPE due to dominance, although their frequencies can be predicted using the HARDY-WEINBERG LAW.


1. the entire genetic constitution of an individual; also, the alleles present at one or more specific loci.
2. the type species of a genus.

genotype frequency
the proportion of the population which have the same genetic constitution.
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Study groups Sample Genotype frequency % (p-value versus size Turkman ethnic group) *1/*1 *1/*2 *1/*3 *2/*2 *2/*3 Iran Turkman 140 37.
032) for the CC genotype frequency among the male age groups (Fig.
Apolipoprotein E genotype frequency according to severity and extent scores Apolipoprotein n % Extent Severity E genotypes E2/E3 4 7.
In this appendix, we derive the moment equations (8a-c) from the genotype frequency dynamics (1)-(5).
When the genotype frequency distributions of some markers are not in Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium the allele-based and haplotype-based analyses become less powerful and may be invalid, but the genotype-based and diplotype-based analyses are still valid.
16 for the A and T allele, respectively, and the genotype frequency was 0.
The Hardy-Weinberg equation was used to calculate the estimated genotype frequency and experienced genotype frequency.
We used data from a cohort study in a proof-of-principle analysis of the following: LDLc concentration as the clinical scenario; statin prescribing as the therapeutic decision; APOE genotype frequency ratios as the tool to assess the mean treatment threshold used in a population; and geographical, social, and diseasestatus groups as exemplary strata within which to apply the proposed GRTI.
Statistical analysis: The allelic distribution and genotype frequency in cases and controls were compared using chi square test after checking the Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium.
The statistical analysis showed a significant difference in the heterozygote genotype frequency in case and control groups and poDymorphic aDleJe had a protective role between two groups.
Genotype and allele frequencies in 5'regulatory region of rabbit MSTN Breeds (n) Genotype frequency (n) TT TC CC Iraq rabbit (88) 0.