genomic library

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ge·nom·ic li·brar·y

library in which both introns and exons are represented; a library prepared from genomic DNA.

genomic library

a collection of DNA clones which, together, represent the entire GENOME of an ORGANISM.


pertaining to a genome.

genomic clone
see clone.
genomic DNA
the DNA sequences making up the genome of an individual.
genomic library
see gene bank.
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vannamei after probe hybridization of another ovarian genomic library (Meehan et al.
Further optimization of allele amplification conditions for the 26 clones listed as N/NA in Table 3 may increase the number of useful markers from this genomic library.
A large number of clones with similarities to motifs of non-LTR retrotransposon reverse transcriptase gene and other transposable elements were also identified in sequences from another genomic library cloned from ovary of SPF L.
The genomic library was plated on 100- x 15-mm Petri dishes at a density of about 5000 plaques per plate.
Initial Genomic Library Screening for Highly Expressed Genes
Labeled first strand cDNA was used to screen the genomic library for clones that hybridized to abundant transcripts.
ARS takes a coordinated approach to research in emerging diseases, using a wide array of techniques, from studying signs of infection to building a genomic library of a disease-causing agent.
A salamander genomic library in lambda phage was screened using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to identify the phage clone(s) containing the green rod photoreceptor gene.
While many important traits have been mapped in maize, physical mapping, structural analysis and map-based cloning have been limited due to the lack of a deep-coverage large-insert genomic library that would be available to the public maize research community.
A putative operon for jenseniin G production was located by screening a genomic library of P.
In an attempt to isolate the genes controlling apomixis, Kindiger and colleagues have developed a genomic library of corn and Tripsacum.
By using the photoreceptor chain reaction (PCR), my aim was to identify the phage clone(s) containing the red rod photoreceptor gene of a salamander genomic library.

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