genomic DNA

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ge·nom·ic DNA

DNA that contains both introns and exons.

genomic DNA

The full complement of DNA contained in the genome of a cell or organism.


pertaining to a genome.

genomic clone
see clone.
genomic DNA
the DNA sequences making up the genome of an individual.
genomic library
see gene bank.
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In this study, we determined the genotyping success rate and reliability of 2 MDA variants (8, 11) and OmniPlex with and without 7-deaza-dGTP, using buccal swabs, whole blood, dried blood spots, and sheared genomic DNA on 1260- and 1228-SNP BeadArray panels.
With the new software feature, the Agilent Genomic DNA ScreenTape assay can now provide an objective measure of DNA integrity for a wide range of samples-not just intact samples from fresh tissue but even the highly degraded samples often obtained from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissues.
Because the quantity of xenografted tumor DNA was more limited than that in the previous genomic DNA samples, we used substantially less of it in reactions (50 ng) and increased the number of cycles to 45 (see Table 1).
Cells grown in TSB were lysed with achromopeptidase, and DNA was isolated by use of the QIAGEN Genomic DNA 20/G protocol.
At the same time, they have used cloned genomic DNA to painstakingly patch together an improved fine-structure physical map of the region.
Automated system for the extraction of genomic DNA from human-derived sources including but not restricted to blood and saliva including reagents, consumables, training and maintenance.
Quotation are invited for purchase of material, CAO, Dean COVS, GADVASU, Ludhiana (16 February 2018) 1 M7122 Go Taq Green Master Mix 2 A1120 Wizard Genomic DNA Purification Kit 3 Desalted Oligos 25nmol 4 V2111 Agarose, Low melting Point, Analytical Grade 5 M8295 Go Taq Flexi DNA Polymerase 6 U1515 dNTP Mix 7 H1181 Diamond Nucleic Acid Dye
The aim of the present study was to propose a faster and more economic assay for isolation of genomic DNA from the adult stage of Cyathostomin parasites than reported.
The genomic DNA from blood samples were extracted using the solution based blood DNA preparation kit (Jena Biosciences, Germany, Cat# PP205S) according to the manufacturers' instructions.
In sections on crop genomics and climate change, genomic toolkit for crop genomics, and crop improvement using genomics under changing climate, they consider such topics as genomic strategies for germplasm characterization and the development of climate resilient crops, the physiological and genomic basis of mechanical-functional trade-off in plant vasculature, the silicon era of carbon-based life: application of genomics and bioinformatics in crop stress research, single nucleotide polymorphisms discovery and genetic mapping using genotyping by sequencing whole genome genomic DNA from a pea recombinant inbred line population, and current knowledge in lentil genomics and its application to crop improvement.

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