genomic DNA

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ge·nom·ic DNA

DNA that contains both introns and exons.
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genomic DNA

The full complement of DNA contained in the genome of a cell or organism.
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A modified mini-prep method for economical and rapid extraction of genomic DNA in plants.
erythropolis strain ATCC 4277, two primers from a partial sequences of COX gene in nocardioform microorganism were designed for amplification of a fragment of genomic DNA containing 240bp .
To sample genomic DNA with nondestructive techniques and with minimal handling would promote the survival of released individuals and increase the opportunities to conduct genetic studies.
Results: The TPMT genotype could be reliably identified by SNaPshot analysis in multiplex reactions both in genomic DNA samples and cDNA.
HHV-8 in genomic DNA was present in 6 of 13 patients with ketosisprone DM-2 tested at acute onset and in 0 of 9 patients with non-ketotic DM-2.
The 5' and 3' insert-to-plant genomic DNA junctions were delimited by polymerase chain reactions (PCR) followed by DNA sequencing.
Conversion analysis detects many of the mismatch repair mutations and clinically important information that genomic DNA sequencing misses in colorectal cancer patients, reported Graham Casey, Ph.D., of the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine, Cleveland, and his associates.
The presence of transgenic DNA was confirmed by PCR analysis of genomic DNA (gDNA) isolated the tail region of the sectioned Xenopus embryos.
The primary product offered by Gene Express is its StaRT-PCR patented, platform technology, providing standardized, quantitative, measurement of nucleic acid copy number, enabling multi-gene measurement of transcript abundance, and/or genomic DNA copy number.
Genomic DNA extractions from sulfate reducing enrichment cultures.
By hybridizing patient genomic DNA to normal metaphase chromosome targets in the presence of normal reference DNA, the technique achieves a genome-wide scanning capability similar to conventional cytogenetic banding analysis.

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