genome map

ge·nome map

(jē'nōm map)
A representation, usually in graphic form, of the entire composition of the DNA of a given genus and species.
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"So far, we have enrolled 25 percent of the targeted population in less than four years, and over the years we plan to recruit 60,000 people to participate in our medical research program, which will enable us to draw a genome map of Qatar.
In that study, the whole genome map data on 91 of the 206 serogroup type strains supported the hypothesis that V.
This is analogous to what's being done with the reference human genome map," Zhang said.
Igor Sharakhov, an associate professor of entomology in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences said that the physical genome map developed in this study will guide efforts to significantly improve the genome assembly for the yellow fever mosquito and will facilitate more advanced studies of the genome organization and chromosome evolution in mosquitoes.
"The generation of disease-specific epigenome maps will provide complementary and crucial information to the already well-established genome map," he said.
It sounds like the perfect solution to a difficult problem, but it would not have been possible without the human genome map.
The genome map and sequence can now be used to discover how genes are turned on and off, and where there are mutations that lead to genetic diseases.
He tracked down three important ways that academia and the wine industry already have used the 1-year-old grape genome map to accelerate work in the nursery and the lab.
modern biotechnology, and the human genome map is clearly explained, with sidebars and photos supporting the text.
These markers allow him to integrate the genetic map with the physical genome map that Quiniou has produced.
Humans and cats alike will benefit from the genome map, which will probably be completed later this year.

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