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(jen-i-tā'lē-ă), [TA] This word is grammatically plural.
The organs of reproduction or generation, external and internal.
[L. neut. pl. of genitalis, genital]
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The reproductive organs, especially the external reproductive organs and associated structures in humans and other mammals.
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A commonly used lay term for the external male and female genitalia.
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(jen'i-tā'lē-ă) [TA]
The organs of reproduction or generation, external and internal.
Synonym(s): genitals.
[L. neut. pl. of genitalis, genital]
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, genitals (jen-i-tal'e-a) (jen'i-tals)
Organs of generation; reproductive organs.

ambiguous genitalia

External reproductive organs that are not easily identified as male or female.
Enlarge picture
FEMALE GENITAL ORGANS: Sagittal section showing organs within the pelvic cavity

female genitalia

Reproductive organs of the female sex. The external genitalia collectively are termed the vulva or pudendum and include the mons veneris, labia majora, labia minora, clitoris, fourchet, fossa navicularis, vestibule, vestibular bulb, Skene's glands, glands of Bartholin, hymen and vaginal introitus, and perineum. The internal genitalia are the two ovaries, two fallopian tubes, uterus, and vagina.
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MALE GENITAL ORGANS: Midsagittal section of male reproductive structures shown through the pelvic cavity

male genitalia

Reproductive organs of the male sex, including two bulbourethral (Cowper's) glands, two ejaculatory ducts, two glands producing spermatozoa (the testes or gonads), the penis with urethra, two seminal ducts (vasa deferentes or ducti deferentes), two seminal vesicles, two spermatic cords, the scrotum, and the prostate gland.
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Patient discussion about genitals

Q. Where are good places to go for true info an treatmeant for herpes genital an non genital?

A. If you Google on "herpes treatments" you will find a ton. BUT, you will not find so much on NATURAL herpes treatments. I myself use Herpaflor, and it is all natural, but there are others too.

Q. i have genital herpes ...i got it from ex boyfriend is there a natural cure that you know of? i've had 2 breakout in a year and a half

A. I use something called Herpaflor that I found on the Internet; it is all-natural and it works really well for me.

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