In psychoanalysis, a term referring to the genital components of sexuality (that is, the penis and vagina), as opposed, for example, to orality and anality.


psychoanalysis A term referring to the genital components of sexuality (i.e., the penis and vagina), as opposed, for example, to orality and anality.

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Q. Where are good places to go for true info an treatmeant for herpes genital an non genital?

A. If you Google on "herpes treatments" you will find a ton. BUT, you will not find so much on NATURAL herpes treatments. I myself use Herpaflor, and it is all natural, but there are others too.

Q. i have genital herpes ...i got it from ex boyfriend is there a natural cure that you know of? i've had 2 breakout in a year and a half

A. I use something called Herpaflor that I found on the Internet; it is all-natural and it works really well for me.

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it is Reich who moves the young, with his antinomianism, his taste for magic, and his emphasis on full genitality as the final goal of man.
For Barthes, eroticism and sexuality should not be dependent, at least following Saint-Amand, and reduced to genitality, and more particularly Barthes is interested in "unsettling the meaning of erotic gestures" (Saint-Amand 159).
In undertaking a political analysis against genitality, Wittig utilizes "inversion" as a crucial reading practice.
1) The finding, of course, confirmed a traditional conceit of psychoanalytic literature, which has always invested heavily in the exchange-value of libido, its symbolic equivalence with money, tying compulsive saving to anality and spending to genitality.
It is a matter of genitality [that is, the potential of the mind to engender the act of thinking in thought], not of innateness or reminiscence.
The idea of a being who is both sexes, a classical paradigm, has to be differentiated from the androgyne that represents an ideal fusion of archetypes while skirting the nitty-gritty issue of genitality.
Karl Abraham, in commentary on "The Spider as a Dream Symbol," remarks on the ambiguity of the insect as a signifier of genitality.
heterosexual genitality, a narrative teleology that can be found, among
When theological sources speak of "mere genitality," the phrase resonates with the purity taboos of old.
Seduction, I would think, was also a theme in the encounter with my 'older brother' on the road at night, in a form that 'condenses oedipal genitality with preoedipal oral sadism' (Handler Spitz 1988:438).
Eroticism, a preoccupation with genitality, is a deflection of real energy and the end of any mystical possibility [.
To approach the subject we must necessarily revise our concept of sexuality and accept the idea that it is the product of a socio-cultural process related to the erotic-loving aspects of our lives that go far beyond genitality.