genital system

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gen·i·tal sys·tem

the complex system consisting of the male or female gonads, associated ducts, and external genitalia dedicated to the function of reproducing the species.
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The male genital system of the cellar spider Pholcusphalangioides (Fuesslin, 1775) (Pholcidae, Araneae): development of spermatozoa and seminal secretion.
Therefore, the aim of the present study was to investigate correlations among chronic inflammatory reaction, immunostaining and parasite load in the genital system of female dogs naturally infected with Leishmania infantum.
In genital system, nine cases of ambiguous genitalia were present.
Thus, the present study aimed at assessing the effects of [As.sub.2][O.sub.3] on male mouse genital system based on epididymal duct contractility and sperm parameters, besides their potential reversibility after either the cessation of exposure or coadministration of NAC.
In both groups, the genital aperture is situated anteriorly close to the tentacles and intrusions including calcareous structures occur in the distal parts of the genital system (Schileyko 2007).
Ultrastructure of the primary male genital system, spermatozoa, and spermiogenesis of Hypochilus pococki (Araneae, hypochilidae).
Figure 4-4a depicts major features of the genital system at day 28.
For a general picture of Sepia symptoms in animals, I offer the following: "Portal congestion and stasis are associated with this substance, along with disturbances of function in the female genital system. Prolapse of the uterus may occur or a tendency thereto.
Sciences Integrated Review Group (IRG) will advise the NIH director and Elvera Ehrenfeld, MD, the director of Center for Scientific Review "on the scientific and technical merit of applications for grants-in-aid for research, research training or research-related grants and cooperative agreements, or contract proposals to investigate systemic or local diseases affecting the kidney, urinary tract, and male genital system, including but not limited to clinical, translational and fundamental studies of the disease state and its treatment as well as of normal growth, development, structure, and function."
Because of the enormous expansion of knowledge and interest in this field, in the current third series the male genital system has been divided into 2 fascicles.
It's much better thought of as the male climacteric or andropause, which envelopes all the changes going on in the body and mind as the male genital system begins to wane over quite a long time.
What are the most recent Reportable Disease Information incidence rates of genital System (RDIS), chlamydia and gonorrhea City of Toronto among youth 15 - 24 in Toronto?