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Phoenician deity of vegetation who castrated himself to avoid the advances of the goddess Astronae.
Eshmun complex - autocastration. Synonym(s): genital self-mutilation
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K, age 23, is found bleeding after genital self-mutilation, and says voices told him to 'cut it off.
Major self-injurious behaviors, such as genital self-mutilation (GSM), are most likely to be associated with which psychiatric condition?
Although most patients who engage in genital self-mutilation (GSM) have psychosis, other psychiatric conditions associated with GSM include substance use disorders, personality disorders, and gender dysphoria.
A case study of female genital self-mutilation in schizophrenia.
Genital self-mutilation in nonpsychotic heterosexual males: case report of two cases.
Although there have been only about 100 published cases of male genital self-mutilation brought to the attention of medical professionals since 1901 (Greilsheimer & Groves, 1979; Romilly & Isaac, 1996; Stunell, Power, Floyd, & Quinlan, 2006).
Feigned miscarriage by genital self-mutilation in a hysterectomised patient.
Only 122 cases of genital self-mutilation have been reported till 2006.
3) Self-mutilation is a non-fatal expression of an attenuated death wish and thus coined the term partial suicide, and categorized as eye or ear removal, genital self-mutilation and extreme amputation under psychotic behaviorstof About 40% of college students have engaged in self-mutilation at least once, and about 10% have engaged in self-mutilation 10 or more times.
Reported cases of genital self-mutilation are rare.
3) Waugh (10) further suggests that genital self-mutilation most commonly occurs in men with chronic paranoid schizophrenia and in persons with history of delusion that only castration will relive them of the guilt for sexual wrongdoing.
Booed at Cannes, controversial Danish film director Lars Von Trier's latest endurance test, sorry, movie, features graphic sex, ultra-violence and genital self-mutilation, all passed off as art in a horror flick that's voyeuristic guff.