genital primacy

gen·i·tal pri·ma·cy

in psychoanalysis, the primary characteristic of the genital phase of psychosexual development, that is, the libido becomes preponderantly concentrated in the penis.
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These are the means by which we internalise the patriarchal sex/gender system and its heterosexual mores and valorised notions of male genital primacy.
In relinquishing genital primacy, the "perverse" adult dissociates himself from "normal development."
In Lady Chatterley's Lover, Lawrence adapts this chronology to suit his own special purposes, using the same reversed sequence, as a narrative plot, to track Clifford's erotic regression from autonomous adult to dependent "child-man." Not only does the destruction of Clifford's "genital primacy" cut him off from the path of normal development: in addition, the course of his affair with Mrs.