geniohyoid muscle

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ge·ni·o·hy·oid mus·cle

(jē'nē-ō-hī'oyd mŭs'ĕl)
Origin, mental spine of mandible; insertion, body of hyoid bone; action, draws hyoid forward, or depresses jaw when hyoid is fixed; nerve supply, fibers from ventral primary rami of first and second cervical spinal nerves accompanying hypoglossal.
Synonym(s): musculus geniohyoideus [TA] .
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Sublingual localization is considered for cysts between the oral mucosa and geniohyoid muscles, submental most frequently between geniohyoid and mylohyoid muscles and outer between mylohyoid muscle and skin [4, 5].
Considering the "onset" of of the geniohyoid muscle as reference (first moment of swallowing--0s), these researchers found that the intake of thickened liquids, the masseter, of the geniohyoid and anterior digastric belly, they were activated always simultaneously; while esternohyoideous muscle was activated later.
When applying NMES, mylohyoid, thyrohyoid, suprahyoid, infrahyoid, and geniohyoid muscle contractions are tried to be activated through the electrodes placed on the submental and laryngeal regions in the anterior neck (1,2,13).