genetic model

ge·net·ic mod·el

a formalized conjecture about the behavior of a heritable structure in which the component terms are intended to have literal interpretation as standard structures of empiric genetics.
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These geological observations are consistent with observations in the published research (Goldfarb et al., 2007) for gold mineralization that fits the Intrusive-Related Gold Systems (IRGS) genetic model. Similar IRGS deposits in the region is the 9.2 million oz Au Fort Knox mine or the 6.0 million oz Au Dublin Gulch project both located within the Tintina Gold Province (ASX 19 June 2019)
Genetical Analysis of Some Quantitative Traits in Wheat Using Six Parameters Genetic Model. American-Eurasian J.
However, it was found that as rs9340799 polymorphism was related to increased risk of RSA in non-Asian group in the homozygous genetic model (OR = 2.40, 95% CI = 1.05-5.50, P = 0.039).
Ayca Dogan highlighted genetic model BXD recombinant inbred strains.
The meta-analysis results did not show a statistical relationship between rs352140 and the risk of cervical cancer in any of the five genetic models: allele model (OR =1.20, p = 0.09) (Figure 2), dominant model (OR= 1.30, p = 0.08), recessive model (OR= 1.23, p = 0.34), heterozygote model (OR= 1.24, p = 0.10), or homozygous genetic model (OR= 1.34,p = 0.23) (Table 3).
However, this genetic model is inconsistent with textural and Fe-Zn isotopic evidence presented here.
Comparing GWAS results of complex traits using full genetic model and additive models for revealing genetic architecture.
The news follows positive results in a range of preclinical studies that examined the efficacy of AUT00206 in a genetic model of Fragile X in mice.
An example genetic model of breast cancer could require an extensive breeding program just to generate a single mouse with the required phenotype, which may take up to 18 months and require the use of many animals.
The Claus-Easton model is a classical genetic model composed of a genotypic part and a phenotypic part with only the family history (FH) as covariate.
Two versions of the logistic regression analysis were used for each genetic model (dominant, recessive and additive), with and without adjustment for age and duration of mercury vapor exposure as conventional risk factors.