genetic isolate

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1. To separate, to set apart from others; that which is so treated.
2. To free of chemical contaminants.
3. In psychoanalysis, to separate ideas, experiences, or memories from the affects pertaining to them.
4. In group psychotherapy, a patient to whom others in the group do not respond.
5. Viable organisms separated on a single occasion from a sample taken from a host or culture system.
6. A population that for geographic, linguistic, cultural, social, religious, or other reasons is subject to little or no gene flow. Synonym(s): genetic isolate
[It. isolare; Mediev. L. insulo, pp. -atus, to insulate, fr. L. insula, island]
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(2002) were doubtful about the genetic isolate statement, after their fruitless attempt to locate some genomic linkage in the schizophrenic population.
The unexpected variability was reinforced by the observation that unrelated genetic isolates were often isolated from a single fecal sample.
"More recent studies of Y chromosomal and mitochondrial DNA have pointed to founder effects of both Middle Eastern and local origin, yet, the issue of how to characterize Jewish people as mere coreligionists or as genetic isolates that may be closely or loosely related remained unresolved."