genetic fingerprint

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1. an impression of the cutaneous ridges of the fleshy distal portion of a finger.
2. in biochemistry, the characteristic pattern of a peptide after subjection to an analytical technique.
DNA fingerprint (genetic fingerprint) the highly specific hybridization pattern generated by tandem repeats and other patterns of the DNA in an individual's genome.
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1. An impression of the inked bulb of the distal phalanx of a finger, showing the configuration of the surface ridges, used as a means of identification.
See also: dermatoglyphics, Galton system of classification of fingerprints.
2. Term, sometimes used informally, referring to any analytic method applicable to making fine distinctions between similar compounds or gel patterns, for example, the pattern of an infrared absorption curve or of two-dimensional paper chromatograph.
3. In genetics, the analysis of DNA fragments to determine the identity of a person or the paternity of a child. Synonym(s): genetic fingerprint
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genetic fingerprint

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Detectives managed to get a genetic fingerprint from the skull after forensics experts extracted DNA from a sample of the bone.
It is believed the British inquiries revealed that the "genetic fingerprint" of one suspect was such a close match to one taken from the killer, that the culprit must be related to him.
It is variation in these sequences that scientists can use to form a genetic fingerprint.
The blood then contained the genetic fingerprint of the first person, according to a report published in the journal Forensic Science International: Genetics.
Scientists have worked out the genetic fingerprint of the virus and he said: "We are in a position to motor on."
Experts have now managed to get the genetic fingerprint after painstaking tests on a small sample of bone, believed to be that of a teenage girl.
Scientists who screened thousands of men with and without the disease homed in on a genetic fingerprint that seems highly associated with the disease.
He'd ask for a genetic fingerprint. No need to guess anymore.
The entire genetic fingerprint and sequence of the swine flu virus will now be analysed to learn how the virus behaves as it infects individuals.
The Health Protection Agency said six out of 15 cases of the bug in July had same "genetic fingerprint" as the Northants outbreak.
Experts have now secured the genetic fingerprint after painstaking tests on a small sample of bone, believed to be that of a teenage girl.
Scientist Louise Allcroft from the Sunderland-based biotechnology firm Complement Genomics shows off the latest in personalised Christmas gift - a necklace created with alternating bands of gemstones and silver in the design of your very own genetic fingerprint. The firm has developed a range of items - from jewellery to rugs, glassware, and screens - that can be tailored to patterns based on the sequence of lines that represent an individual's DNA profile.