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adj in Chinese medicine, pertaining to warm, giving behavior. When imbalanced, these traits can transform into heated, aggressive behaviors. This may be a normal aspect of a person's character, or it may indicate an illness or imbalance.
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Our colleagues have demonstrated their philanthropic spirit by supporting causes in the past, and they have given just as generously to aid Syria s refugees at the time when they need it most, said Hala Badri, Executive Vice President, Brand and Communications, du.
And on the subject of thanks, Mr and Mrs Machi and would like to pass on their appreciation to family and friends who joined them to celebrate their Golden wedding and gave pounds 1000 which the couple generously donated to Myton.
Elephant Tom's wife, "Elli" is shown as a generously warm and charming creature, while daughter "Siri" is designed as a dreamy elephant girl, and son "Timo", as a rather clumsy little rowdy.
From the 116 participants, three semi-finalists from each country were chosen and will receive cash prizes of $1,400 for first place, $800 for second place and $600 for third place, generously provided by Sasol Chevron.
Mori's high-school class provided the labor for the Capps' home renovation project, and the townspeople responded generously to Mori's requests for donations of materials or time.
Worse yet, the contractor is none other than Tutor-Saliba, the Sylmar- based company that has a history of donating generously to politicians while ending up in disputes over shoddy work and inflated billing on public-works contracts.
More than half the units are two bedrooms or larger, generously sized at under-market rents.
I had a chance to meet the Craig family and thank them for their previous contributions to the DAV and was most impressed with Rachel and Christina on their awareness of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and their willingness to donate so generously to the DAV.
Canadian Anglicans recorded an extraordinary level of giving in 2005 to the Primate's World Relief and Development Fund, responding generously during "the year of the disaster" and continuing to support development projects abroad and native ministry at home.
On that occasion, North Americans responded generously to the appeals for help.
Families in Cologne have responded generously to an appeal to host pilgrims, already offering 58,000 of the 50,000 beds requested.
With this as his calling card, let's hope Lee can get someone to bankroll his next feature more generously.