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adj in Chinese medicine, pertaining to warm, giving behavior. When imbalanced, these traits can transform into heated, aggressive behaviors. This may be a normal aspect of a person's character, or it may indicate an illness or imbalance.
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The great thing about the generosity prescription is that you can take steps to give more and think more like a generous person starting today.
As of 2007, the most generous plan featured a $250 deductible, a 10 percent co-pay, and a $1,250 out-of-pocket cap; the least generous had an $800 deductible, a 20 percent co-pay, and a $4,000 cap.
There are six signs that tell you you're being unwisely generous with clients.
In Generous Ransom, he may never have a better chance of grabbing the Paddy Power cash as the seven-year-old has crept in at the foot of the weights.
Her essay was chosen as the one most exemplifying of stewardship and philanthropy, qualities that Generous Property would like to encourage in the youth of our community.
People are so generous with their time as well as their money; people put so much effort into giving back to thank our brilliant colleagues - or the 'heathcare heros', as we call them
The United States is the world's most generous nation, according to the Index.
Cole said: "He was Generous by name and generous by nature.
New Delhi, Oct 8 (ANI): The United Nations has thanked India for its generous contribution of US $ 25 million for the victims of the massive floods in Pakistan describing it as the country's solidarity for the needy people of Pakistan.
1 : freely giving or sharing <She was generous with her time.
Her generous donation has greatly improved our outstanding Transportation Network services in North Carolina," said National Director of Voluntary Services Edward E.
Firms offering matching member contributions - in which they pay in more if the employee ups their payments above the minimum - were found to be more generous than those offering a flat contribution.