generic drug

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generic drug

Generic equivalent Pharmacology A drug that is no longer under patent protection, which may be produced by any manufacturer who follows good manufacturing protocols. See Drug monograph, 'Me too' drug.
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ge·ner·ic drug

(jĕ-ner'ik drŭg)
A medicine distributed under its generic (nonproprietary) name.
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generic drug

A drug sold under the official medical name of the basic active substance. The generic name is chosen by the Nomenclature Committee of the British Pharmacopoeia Commission and is used in publications such a the British National Formulary . Doctors are encouraged to prescribe generic drugs as these are generally cheaper than the same drug under a trade or brand name.
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Patient discussion about generic drug

Q. When will a generic brand of insulin be available? The cost of insulin seems to be way too high... And with the ever rising population of diabetics, you'd think some other companies would jump unto the bandwagon with a cheaper insulin... what's up with that?

A. Unfortunately, as long as Eli Lilly has an effective monopoly on the American market and docs continue to perscribe the latest "flavor" of insulin, the situation is unlikely to change. Personally, I refuse to use Lilly's products (use Novo Nordisk insulin instead) and am still using the regular and NPH I was using 20 years ago... Also, because Type I diabetes tends to affect children, parents are naturally always seeking the next new thing. Doesn't make for an environment conducive to cheaper alternatives, which is a real shame for us all.

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If passed, the proposal will also have drastic legal consequences for generic drug manufacturers.
Although Mensing addressed only the impossibility of a generic drug manufacturer altering its warning label to meet state law requirements, such analysis encompassed a number of different claims commonly asserted in complaints.
Meanwhile, lawyers handling the multi-state suit will try to show that generic drug makers established a conduct code by which they would conspire to inflate prices and keep them that way.
The professors, "with all due respect, submit that the distribution and pricing of off patent and generic drugs offered for sale in Maryland is substantially more related to activities than the (appeals) court below may have appreciated," they added.
Table 1: Demographic details of the participants' (n=110) Characteristics Factors Frequency (%) Gender Female 50 (46) Male 60 (54) Age (years) [less than or equal to]30 23 (25) 31-40 60 (66) 41-50 6 (7) 50-60 11 (12) Qualification MBBS 25 (27) PG (MD/MS/Diploma) 75(83) Table 2: Generic medicine knowledge-related questions and frequency (%) of responses Questions Yes (%) No (%) Don't know (%) Can generic drug be used in 84 (76.5) 8 (7.3) 18 (16.2) place of innovator (patented) drug?
FDA Working to Lift Barriers to Generic Drug Competition
First, what specific generic drugs should the new generic company manufacture and market?
Most generic drugs are produced by only one or two firms, and the weak or nonexistent competition is associated with high prices.
Amid the US public's fury over the escalating costs of brand-name medications, the prices of generic drugs have been falling, raising fears about the profitability of major generic manufacturers.
Arlington, VA, May 14, 2017 --( Canada currently represents the ninth-largest generic drug market worldwide, accounting for nearly 3% of the total global share.
HONG KONG, Oct 31, 2016 - (ACN Newswire) - Jacobson Pharma Corporation Limited ("Jacobson Pharma" or the "Group"; Stock Code: 2633), a leading company engaged in the research, development, production, marketing and sale of generic drugs and proprietary Chinese medicines and the largest generic drug company in Hong Kong, today announces the completion of the acquisition of Cawah Holdings Limited ("Cawah Holdings") and its subsidiary namely, Medipharma Limited ("Medipharma") which is a reputable generic drug manufacturer in Hong Kong, at a total consideration of HK$100,000,000.
''If generic drug prices continue to rise then we are going to have people all over this country who are sick and need medicine and who simply will not be able to buy the medicine they need,'' Vermont Sen.

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