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1. something that produces or causes to exist.
2. a machine that converts mechanical to electrical energy.
pulse generator the power source for an artificial pacemaker, usually powered by a long-lasting lithium battery and a microprocessor chip with appropriate electronic components to regulate the output of the battery; it supplies impulses to the implanted electrodes, either at a fixed rate or in a programmed pattern.


An apparatus for conversion of chemical, mechanical, atomic, or other forms of energy into electricity.
[generator, a begetter, producer]


An apparatus for conversion of chemical, mechanical, atomic, or other forms of energy into electricity.
[L. generator, a begetter, producer]


An apparatus for conversion of chemical, or other forms of energy into electricity.

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Q. Can cancer skip every other generation in your family? Can cancer be so hereditary as to skip every other generation in a family? On my dad's side of the family it seems like it does. Both my great grandmothers on my father's side had cancer (breast cancer and another type) and a great grandfather had cancer as well. My grandparents did not have cancer. My father ended up having cancer out of the three of my grandparents’ children. Me nor any of my cousins have had cancer. Is it possible any of our children will?

A. If there is a BRCA mutation, it does not skip generations. A child of a person with a BRCA mutation has a 50/50 chance of having the mutation. Those who have the mutation can pass it on. Those who do not have the mutation cannot pass it on.

Q. What alternatives are there for DDD.De generative Disc Disease? I can't sit upright for long periods of time, at times the symptoms are worse and then days and weeks where I feel fine. When I lean into my right legit alleviates it a little but it is excruciating when I shift weight. I also have to sleep with a pillow between my legs and have to shift frequently.I have a lot of strength in my legs and back. But if I stuck in my stomach more and curve my like doing a crunch. the pain is fine.

A. Degenerative disc disease can often be successfully treated without surgery. One or a combination of treatments such as Physical therapy, chiropractic manipulative therapy (CMT), osteopathic manipulation, anti-inflammatory medications such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, chiropractic treatments, Traction (orthopedics), or spinal injections often provide adequate relief of these troubling symptoms.
The option of surgery may be recommended if the conservative treatment options do not provide relief within 2 to 3 months. If leg or back pain limits normal activity, if there is weakness or numbness in the legs, if it is difficult to walk or stand, or if medication or physical therapy are ineffective, surgery may be necessary. You should dicucss this with an orthopedic surgeon.

Q. Hi I have pain in my knee since 3 years that I thought was generated by weight excess I've lost 28kg but the pain is still here, went to the doctor and he diagnosed a meniscus degenerated (direct translation from spanish, could be incorrect). He told me that there is nothing to do about that and that surgery won't help. My problem is that I love running and I can not do it anymore, everytime I try I start having pain in the back side of my knee and it last for days. I'd love to hear about alternatives Roberto

A. Toberro, go to a GOOD health food store and get "Comfrey ointment". Rub this on your knee 2-3 times a day and see how you feel after a month of doing this. I have cured myself of carpal tunnel to avoid surgery doing this and it has also helped me with lower back pain! If you really want to feel better, stop eating any milk or cheese products and sugar! That all contributes to inflammation which arthritis is all about! Be well! :)

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BEIRUT: The Economy Ministry confiscated nine generators in a town near Sidon Friday, after their owners refused to install meters.
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He recalled an instance when Civil Defence was called to rescue some people who were trapped in a building and suffering from acute suffocation caused by the fumes of a generator.
Automatic standby generators are on continuous standby, meaning that the generator can power itself on and off, regardless of whether you are home.
State auditors noted that the generators play a vital role in the operations of the PCG.
'However, a staffer who was present there told her the batteries of the generator were not working due to which it could not be started.
Get fresh air immediately if you begin to feel sick, dizzy or light-headed or experience flu-like symptoms while the generator is running.
* Allowing conditionally exempt small quantity generators (CESQGs) to send hazardous waste to a large quantity generator (LQG) that is under the control of the same person, provided certain conditions are met;
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"Generator output" usually refers to maximum output for a short-term period only.
Sana'a resident Wael Al-Burhmi said he bought a generator for YR24,000 last year ago, but had to stop using it after only four months.

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