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pertaining to reproduction.
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Pertaining to the process of generating.
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(jĕn′ər-ə-tĭv, -ə-rā′-)
1. Having the ability to originate, produce, or procreate.
2. Of or relating to the production of offspring.
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Pertaining to the process of generating.
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Pertaining to reproduction.
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Patient discussion about generative

Q. Can cancer skip every other generation in your family? Can cancer be so hereditary as to skip every other generation in a family? On my dad's side of the family it seems like it does. Both my great grandmothers on my father's side had cancer (breast cancer and another type) and a great grandfather had cancer as well. My grandparents did not have cancer. My father ended up having cancer out of the three of my grandparents’ children. Me nor any of my cousins have had cancer. Is it possible any of our children will?

A. If there is a BRCA mutation, it does not skip generations. A child of a person with a BRCA mutation has a 50/50 chance of having the mutation. Those who have the mutation can pass it on. Those who do not have the mutation cannot pass it on.

Q. What alternatives are there for DDD.De generative Disc Disease? I can't sit upright for long periods of time, at times the symptoms are worse and then days and weeks where I feel fine. When I lean into my right legit alleviates it a little but it is excruciating when I shift weight. I also have to sleep with a pillow between my legs and have to shift frequently.I have a lot of strength in my legs and back. But if I stuck in my stomach more and curve my like doing a crunch. the pain is fine.

A. Degenerative disc disease can often be successfully treated without surgery. One or a combination of treatments such as Physical therapy, chiropractic manipulative therapy (CMT), osteopathic manipulation, anti-inflammatory medications such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, chiropractic treatments, Traction (orthopedics), or spinal injections often provide adequate relief of these troubling symptoms.
The option of surgery may be recommended if the conservative treatment options do not provide relief within 2 to 3 months. If leg or back pain limits normal activity, if there is weakness or numbness in the legs, if it is difficult to walk or stand, or if medication or physical therapy are ineffective, surgery may be necessary. You should dicucss this with an orthopedic surgeon.

Q. Hi I have pain in my knee since 3 years that I thought was generated by weight excess I've lost 28kg but the pain is still here, went to the doctor and he diagnosed a meniscus degenerated (direct translation from spanish, could be incorrect). He told me that there is nothing to do about that and that surgery won't help. My problem is that I love running and I can not do it anymore, everytime I try I start having pain in the back side of my knee and it last for days. I'd love to hear about alternatives Roberto

A. Toberro, go to a GOOD health food store and get "Comfrey ointment". Rub this on your knee 2-3 times a day and see how you feel after a month of doing this. I have cured myself of carpal tunnel to avoid surgery doing this and it has also helped me with lower back pain! If you really want to feel better, stop eating any milk or cheese products and sugar! That all contributes to inflammation which arthritis is all about! Be well! :)

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Bhaskar argues that there is only one remaining option: that there must be "a 'real something' over and above and independent of patterns of events; and it is for the status of this real something that the concept of a generative mechanism is groomed" (RTS 49, emphasis added).
'Providing them with generative design will prepare them to be technically-grounded innovators and gain mastery in the same class of cutting-edge design tools used by renowned designers like Philippe Starck.'
Last year the company made its generative design available to users of Fusion 360, its product development platform that combines design, engineering and manufacturing in a single piece of software.
Throughout their lives and in a shared journey with the process of identity building, adults have experienced a double process: an original, almost inalterable one of building an idea of oneself; the other, changing, discontinuous, in that becoming a person is not something that is set in stone, inalterable, but instead requires minor processes of identity rebuilding, where the generative aspect in older people lies at the core of understanding their existence and, in short, their life.
Within minutes, users can obtain generative designs verified by built-in Finite-Element Analysis, ready for 3D printing in both STL and STEP formats.
With generative design, engineers can interactively specify the functional requirements and goals of their design, including preferred materials and manufacturing processes, and even indicate key design parameters that take into consideration purchasing decisions, manufacturing capacity, supply chain status, and regional-required product variances.
In his statement "On Generative Art," Greene speaks of creating an experience through machines where "the art generated is partially ours and partially an expression of the machine itself ...
Generative design, in contrast, works with a list of performance requirements entered by a product developer and calculates what type of design, materials, and other features work best in a product.
A second reflection of the way in which generative grammar contributed to typology is the fact that linguistic typology really took off in the 1970s, and the most important paper that signaled this was Keenan and Comrie's paper on the accessibility hierarchy.
GM is the first automaker in North America to use new generative design software technology from Bay Area-based software company Autodesk, said a statement fromm the company.

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