generation time

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generation time

  1. (also called division time) the time required for a population of cells to double in number.
  2. the time required for a generation of individuals to be born, reach sexual maturity and reproduce. The generation time is a critical factor in population growth rates and efforts are being made (particularly in China) to extend the human generation time so as to slow down the rate of population increase.


1. the process of reproduction.
2. a class composed of all individuals removed by the same number of successive ancestors from a common predecessor, or occupying positions on the same level in a genealogical (pedigree) chart. Said also of antibiotics or other chemicals derived from parent compounds.

alternate generation
reproduction by alternate asexual and sexual means in an animal or plant species.
asexual generation
production of a new organism not originating from union of gametes. Called also direct generation.
direct generation
see asexual generation (above).
filial generation (first)
the first generation offspring of two parents; symbol F1.
filial generation (second)
all of the offspring produced by two individuals of the first filial generation; symbol F2.
generation interval
the mean age of the parents when the animals that are to replace them are born.
parental generation
the generation with which a particular genetic study is begun; symbol P1.
sexual generation
production of a new organism from the zygote formed by the union of gametes.
spontaneous generation
the discredited concept of continuous generation of living organisms from nonliving matter.
generation time
1. in epidemiological terms the time required between infection occurring and the patient reaching full infectivity.
2. in histological terms the time required to complete one full cell cycle; average of 20 hours for mammalian cells.
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Here we explicitly estimated the reproduction numbers from times of symptom onset and the generation time distribution for norovirus infections, whereas earlier work relied on transforming epidemic curves to reproduction numbers (19,20).
To assess demographic patterns of moose as well as of other ungulate populations, I estimated population-specific generation time (i.
3) As the results of the inverse analysis of AE waveforms, it was demonstrated that cracking with radius of 150-1500 [micro]m and generation time of 1.
There is a general decrease in fertility elasticity with increasing generation time ([T.
c] is the size of each cohort and T is the generation time (Hill 1979).
TetraMAX II enables engineers to target higher levels of IC test quality, a key requirement for automotive products, by testing for multiple fault models while minimizing the impact on test costs and test pattern generation time.
The Drosophila melanogaster is used as a model organism to study the effect of multigenerational exposure, because of its short generation time (2 weeks) and genetic homology with humans.
Using zebrafish because of their short generation time, the researchers measured effects of exposure over three generations.
The shorter generation time of rodents can't by itself explain the differences, according to the researchers.

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