generation effect

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gen·er·a·tion ef·fect

variation in health status arising from the different causal factors of disease to which each successive generation born is exposed as it passes through life.
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It is well documented that a common underlying characteristic of these learning strategies is the generation effect (Bertsch, Pesta, Wiscott & McDaniel, 2007).
Recently, however, notable differences in political predisposition and voting patterns between the young and the old brought the old debates about the generation effect to the front.
No significant generation effect was found for social status (p = .553), leisure and freedom (p = .295), or relationship reward (p = .732).
Chief Inspector and officer-in-charge of Tsholotsho Police Station, Muyambirwa Muzzah told the Chronicle that the cyanide poisoning of animals triggers the fourth generation effect, "What they were doing is very cruel because it does not end with the death of the elephants," he said.
This method of presentation of the material makes use of a broad conceptualization of the generation effect (see Bertsch, Pesta, Wiscott, & McDaniel, 2007, for a review/meta analysis).
* Glacier[R] Frost White new generation effect pigment based on synthetic mica, offering the whitest white pearl.
The generation effect is not an artifact: Generating makes words distinctive.
As is usually the case when considering age, one is faced with considerations of a cohort versus generation effect. It is reasonable to assume that older Americans have functional or rational reasons for embracing religion, given that they have seen more of life's frustrations and sorrows, and that they are nearing life's endpoint of death.
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