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1. To produce.
2. To procreate.
[L. genero, pp. -atus, to beget]


tr.v. gener·ated, gener·ating, gener·ates
To engender (offspring); procreate.
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The policy directs the Secretary of Energy to vastly expand the nation's nuclear generating capacity, and to "develop next generation technology including hydrogen and fusion." A paper prepared by DOE energy scientist Samuel Rosenbloom, "Hydrogen Development Program: A Perspective," is stridently pro-nuke, describing renewable production as "high risk" and "long term." The proposed goal: "Nuclear-driven hydrogen production demonstration by 2006," coinciding with the 100th anniversary of Albert Einstein's relativity theory.
BPA, which owns about 70% of the high-voltage transmission grid in the Pacific Northwest and Montana, plans to spend more than US$2 billion over the next seven years to improve transmission, but this will permit the moving of only an additional 10,000 megawatts--40% of the planned new generating capacity.
One interface for the entire Transaction Recovery solution is desirable because it minimizes the difficulty of analyzing, generating, and executing the recovery scenario.
In recent years, Wagner says, "there have been several other instances of widely deployed systems that have been vulnerable to attack because insufficient attention was paid to generating high-quality randomness."
Pic River First Nation has become an essential partner in creating hydro generating stations.
consumed comes from utility sources while the remainder comes from either privately owned non-utility or standby generating systems.
As with the Javits expansion, the NYSCC will also have a profound impact on New York's economy, generating 6,700 permanent jobs, and $75 million in additional revenue to the city and state.
With the introduction of a competitive electricity market in Ontario one year away, Great Lakes Power (GLP) expects to greet the era of deregulation with a introduction of a competitive electricity mar new hydro generating station near Wawa.
An increasing-annuity grantor retained annuity trust (GRAT) can be used to increase the amount of property that passes to the remainder beneficiaries without generating a larger taxable gift.
But in terms of generating a good return for investors, Darden said, his company will have to be satisfied with another project.
"There's a reason to hope that in the not too distant future, we'll be able to say that this is the basic [brain] circuitry for generating the respiratory rhythm," says McCrimmon.
But in the short term, "a significant number of companies could be put in jeopardy." The disarray will depend on how quickly serious competition occurs and new generating capacity comes on stream, he says.

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