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70s, the rules of

A mnemonic for CNS tumors
70s, rule of
General 70% are primary CNS neoplasms, 70% of primary CNS neoplasms are glial, 70% of primary glial tumors are astrocytomas; 70% of astrocytomas are high grade
Children 70% of tumors arise in the posterior fossa, 70% of those occurring before age 2 are medulloblastomas; 70% of supratentorial tumors are craniopharyngiomas
Adults 70% are in the hemispheres, 70% of those in the pineal region are germinomas, 70% of those in the pituitary gland are adenomas, of which 70% are chromophobe adenomas
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In addition to requiring collateral back up for the recourse portion of the CEI, the financial institution providing the enhancement (which generally also acts as construction lender) will also require that the project's owner/ developer provide a completion guaranty and a limited repayment guaranty in connection with the construction loan.
D&O insurers have been called upon to pay defense costs in these actions under policies which generally have a broader duty to indemnify settlement amounts or judgments.
2002-37, and is generally effective for accounting-period changes for which the first effective year ends after Oct.
Both Section 987 and the 1991 proposed regulations require the taxable income or loss of a Section 987 QBU be computed in its functional currency and then translated at the average exchange rate (generally, an average of the daily exchange rates) into the functional currency of its owner.
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They may, however, include qualifying mandatory convertible preferred securities up to the generally applicable 25 percent limit.
For this reason, agencies generally issue these firearms to specially trained officers, such as emergency response, special weapons and tactics (SWAT), or hostage rescue team members.

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