general practitioner

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general practitioner

n. Abbr. GP
A physician whose practice is not oriented to a specific medical specialty but instead covers a variety of medical problems in patients of all ages. Also called family doctor.

general practitioner

A fully registered medical practitioner in the UK who provides general medical services to a particular group of patients or “list”, either in partnership with other GPs, as a salaried GP in a group or, less commonly, as a single practitioner. GPs may also provide inpatient care in community hospitals. A GP will refer patients “forward” to a consultant (hospital specialist) when the patients’ needs cannot be addressed locally. GPs in the UK are not NHS employees, but rather contract independently with the NHS.

A physician who practices “general medicine”, often an older physician who did not specialise in any field of medicine after graduation from medical school. Most so-defined GPs have since retired from practice.

general practitioner

A physician who practices 'general medicine', often an older physician who did not specialize in any field of medicine after graduation from medical school. Cf Family practitioner, Generalist.

fam·i·ly prac·tice phy·si·cian

(fam'i-lē prak'tis fi-zish'ŭn)
The trained health care professional who attends most of the needs of her patients through diagnosis to pharmacotherapy. Previously, the first caregiver seen by patients.

general practitioner

A doctor who does not specialize in any particular branch of medicine but who treats a wide variety of relatively minor medical conditions and is able to discern those conditions requiring specialist attention.

Patient discussion about general practitioner

Q. What is the process a general physician would use to diagnose adult ADHD? I'm have an appointment with my primary care physician to be screened for adult ADHD. Does anyone know what he will do in order to test and diagnose me?

A. Actually I was just diagnosed with ADHD. I'm 57. My doctor sent me to a phyciatrist, and he asked me several questions. Gave me a scrip and want to see me back in a month. I answered 26 questions, and he rated on my answers.

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Dr Muhammad Amjad Hussain, General practitioner, Pakistan
Music Law for the General Practitioner is well-written and contains a good deal of useful information about the music industry within a manageable space.
A subgroup analysis of the general practitioners showed that those with greater than 20 years experience were significantly more likely to believe that TDS was a medical diagnosis than their colleagues with less than 20 years of experience (p = 0.0432).
A new society dedicated to the needs of general practitioners is due to be launched today by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales.
In September 1991, the 2000 persons received an invitation to participate along with a questionnaire about general demographic information and lifestyle, signed by their general practitioner. All who agreed to participate received an extensive supplementary baseline questionnaire with detailed questions that evaluated the participant's health, lifestyle, psychosocial status, and psychosocial life events.
The general practitioner, using the electronic patient record, can activate BloodLink to order blood tests.
Chichester GP Dr Grant Kelly told General Practitioner: "I think it would wake people up to the fact that the NHS has to be paid for.
A Pennsylvania district court ruled in March that a patient may hold a general practitioner responsible for referring a patient to an incompetent specialist or for not recognizing the specialist's negligent treatment during follow-up care.
The ALI-ABA (Philadelphia, PA) has published an updated edition of What the General Practitioner Should Know About Patent Law and Practice.
Overall response rates from general practitioners and consultants were 56% (459/824) and 79% (163/207) respectively, General practitioner fundholders and general practitioners from training practices were slightly more likely to respond than other general practitioners [152 of 247 fundholders responded (61.5%) compared with 304 of 577 non-fundholders (52.7%) and 163 of 248 from training practices (65.7%) compared with 293 of 575 (50.9%) from other practices (P [is less than] 0.05 in both cases)].
Murphy studied outcomes of patients with subacute illnesses presenting to a busy emergency department in Britain who were randomly triaged to either a general practitioner or an emergency department physician.
A focus of this program is providing outreach services to patients who are not able to travel for medical services and/or have not been able to establish a relationship with a knowledgeable community-based general practitioner. The outreach services, designed to prevent costly medical complications and improve quality of life for patients, will include healthcare professionals visiting patients m their homes to provide preventive and primary care.

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