general practice

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the exercise of a profession.
collaborative practice communication, sharing, and problem solving between the physician and nurse as peers; this pattern of practice also implies a shared responsibility and accountability for patient care.
differentiated practice the use of nursing staff in an acute care setting according to their expertise and qualifications.
evidence-based practice provision of health care that incorporates the most current and valid research results.
family practice the medical specialty of a family physician, concerned with the planning and provision of comprehensive primary health care, regardless of age or sex, on a continuing basis. Called also family medicine.
general practice old term for comprehensive medical care regardless of age of the patient or presence of a condition that may require the services of a specialist; this term has now largely been replaced by the term family practice.
nursing practice see nursing practice.
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gen·er·al prac·tice

the professional activities of (usually) non-specialty-certified physicians who care for a broad range of medical problems. The field is gradually being replaced by more extensively trained family practitioners.
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fam·i·ly prac·tice

(fam'i-lē prak'tis)
A specialty of medicine in which the physician takes responsibility for the health and medical care of all members of a family group, regardless of age or gender, but usually does limited amounts of obstetrics and surgery.
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"So while we are pleased [by the announcement], we support our colleagues at the BMA in their quest to ensure that there is sufficient support in place to counteract the reduction in the total funding allocated to general practice to pay for it.
However, despite the range and volume of complaints about the state of general practice, we should be ready and willing to interrogate narratives of crisis.
From January to March, 830 doctors in England left general practice
General practice provides person centered, continuing, comprehensive and coordinated whole person health care to individuals and families in their communities.
General practice provides cost-efficient, first-line service and mindful of gatekeeping [1].
A better understanding of the particular ways of working and ethos of general practice will support sustainable partnerships, improve health care integration and eliminate misperceptions about general practice and general practice service delivery.
Coverage includes general practice specialty training, salaried jobs and partnerships, academic general practice, professional development, and teaching in general practice.
100 Top Consultations in Small Animal General Practice
This literature describes the complexity of issues related to general practice nursing, the significant impact of funding models on the general practice nurse's role and scope of practice, the lack of recognition of the general practice nurse's role amongst professional peers and consumers and the need for further well designed research that will provide an evidence base for the specialty.
My division of general practice newsletter included some figures taken from an article from the March 2008 edition of the ANJ.
This change in general practice is not really about improving access to GPs, it is about controlling GPs.

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