general hospital

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gen·er·al hos·pi·tal

any large civilian hospital equipped to care for medical, surgical, maternity, and psychiatric cases; usually has a resident medical staff.
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Lisa Laurent, president of the medical staff at Lutheran General Hospital, spearheaded organizing the event, along with co-chair Dr.
The initial outbreak is believed to have started when a visitor brought mussels on to a ward for a patient at Wansbeck General Hospital. The hospitals affected by the visitor restrictions are: Northumbria Special Emergency Care Hospital, Cramlington; Hexham General Hospital; North Tyneside General Hospital; Morpeth Cottage Hospital; Wansbeck General Hospital; Alnwick Infirmary; Berwick Infirmary; Blyth Community Hospital; Haltwhistle War Memorial Hospital.
In 1923 it became known as the Smithdown Road Institution and a decade later its name was changed to Sefton General Hospital.
They were taken to Ghulam Muhammad Abad General Hospital which soon ran out of beds and facilities to cater to such a large number of patients.
[16] Montreal General Hospital and Division of Cancer Epidemiology - McGill University, Montreal, QC
Mary's General Hospital, Kitchener was the best in the country (66) followed by North York General Hospital, Toronto (70) and Lions Gate Hospital, North Vancouver (71).
L hi Lothian Edinurgh Royal Infirmary, 961 beds, 927 occupied, 96 per cent; Western General Hospital, Edinburgh, 681 beds, 674 occupied, 99 per cent; St John's Hospital, Livingston, 506 beds, 490 occupied, 97 per cent.
"Plaid Cymru will continue to fight Labour's plans to downgrade the district general hospital network."
Five tenders for the renovation, insulation & revamping of hearing functions measuring clinics at (a) Toukh Central Hospital, (b) El Hawamdiya General Hospital, (c) Ismailiya General Hospital, (d) Hurghada General Hospital & (e) Fayyoum General Hospital.
The source said the bodies of the victims were transported to Maghagta General Hospital and Bani Mazar General Hospital.

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