general anesthetics

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gen·er·al an·es·thet·ics

drugs used either by the intravenous route or by inhalation that render the subject unconscious and incapable of perceiving pain such as might otherwise occur in surgery.

gen·er·al an·es·thet·ics

(jenĕr-ăl anes-thetiks)
Drugs used either intravenously or by inhalation that render patient unconscious and incapable of perceiving pain in surgery.
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Moreover, when used for surgery, nitrous oxide is always combined with other general anesthetic agents.
Total quantity or scope: The contract is for the purchase with the delivery of cancer drugs, medicines, general anesthetics, means of hygiene for Hospital Pharmacies Holy Cross Cancer Center in Kielce, in accordance with
Working with Saper, Franks' group used the activity of a gene called c-fos to monitor the brain-cell activity of rats treated with either of two general anesthetics, propofol or pentobarbital.
In the spirit of compromise, a third and growing group of anesthesiologists has suggested general anesthetics have a protein-lipid dual action.
Whether or not this will lead to a better understanding of how general anesthetics work remains to be seen.

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