general anatomy

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gen·er·al a·nat·o·my

the study of gross and microscopic structures as well as of the composition of the body, its tissues, and fluids.
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gen·er·al a·nat·o·my

(jen'ĕr-ăl ă-nat'ŏ-mē)
The study of gross and microscopic structures as well as of the composition of the body, its tissues, and fluids.
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This oversized volume covers general anatomy and the musculoskeletal system, making it suitable as a text for introductory medical anatomy courses.
They address anatomy in relation to crop management, including the origin and development of crop anatomy, the relevance of anatomical studies in modern crop science, techniques of study, and general anatomy; anatomical descriptions of the major crop plants (cereals, pulses like chickpeas and beans, and oil, fiber, and vegetable crops); anatomical changes in adaptation to environments (in defense against biotic stresses and for drought and waterlogging stress tolerance); and the link between anatomy and productivity, including to harvest higher energy, for better reproduction efficiency, and for higher productivity.
This collection of research articles, written for engineers in the medical field, discusses recent advances in biomechanical systems technology for general anatomy. Editor Leondes (engineering, UCLA) has gathered the latest research in the field to present such topics as modeling techniques for liver tissue properties, biomechanical modeling of the brain for intra-surgical displacement estimation and auditory brainstem implants.
They cover practice management and client relations, including medical terminology and records, scheduling, computer skills, office management, communication, and ethics and legal issues; animal production for specific species, with information on their biology, breeds, nutrition, behavior, equipment and housing, vaccinations, reproduction and breeding, common diseases and parasites, common surgical procedures, and other aspects; general anatomy and disease processes; and clinical procedures, from examination to grooming to surgical assisting.
The other volumes cover cardiovascular systems, muscular skeletal systems, and general anatomy.
This edition has new chapters on general anatomy, general embryology, and genetics, as well as osteology.
The other two volumes of this series are on general anatomy and the musculoskeletal system (v.1) and neck and internal organs (v.2).
All major organs and systems are treated, from general anatomy to the skin.
The first volume, General Anatomy and Musculoskeletal System, won two 2006 awards from the Independent Book Publishers Association for best interior design and best professional/technical book.
Thieme atlas of anatomy; general anatomy and musculoskeletal system.

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