general anaesthesia

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general anaesthesia

A state of unconsciousness and immobility, brought about by drugs, so as to allow surgical operations or other physical procedures to be performed without pain or awareness. Deep levels of unconsciousness, formerly necessary to achieve the required degree of muscle relaxation, are no longer used. Light anaesthesia, associated with the use of drugs to relax muscles and prevent pain, shock and autonomic disturbance, is now standard.

The action of general anaesthetic drugs is now better understood. Pain responses are suppressed primarily at spinal cord level; hypnosis and amnesia are mediated by the brain. These drugs are now believed to operate on ion channels in nerve cells by binding directly to the protein sites. Different anaesthetic drugs bind specifically to different ion channels.

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The finding is one of the first to suggest a role for hormones in maintaining the state of general anaesthesia and provides valuable insights for generating newer drugs that could put people to sleep with fewer side effects.
The patient data were retrospectively recorded, including general and dental history, reasons for general anaesthesia and treatment modalities, such as the number of restorative primary teeth and restorative permanent teeth, the total number of teeth undergoing operative restoration, root-canal treatment, amputation, stainless-steel-crowns, tooth extraction, glass-ionomer-cement, preventive-resin-restoration, supragingival scaling, full-mouth prophylaxis and fissure-sealant procedures.
The important aim of this article concerning the implications of vasectomy under general anaesthesia is to create awareness of the challenges posed by difficult anatomical conditions of the patient for the urologist and for the anaesthetist, and which have not been reported in the literature but need to be known due to the risk they entail.
The Propofol segment is estimated to account for 29.8% share of the global general anaesthesia drugs market by end of 2015, and is expected to register a robust CAGRs of 5.4% in terms of value during the forecast period.
Presently, Maruishi is applying for a manufacture and marketing license for Remifentanil injection, which is widely used as an opioid analgesic ([micro sign]-opioid receptor agonist) to manage general anaesthesia. The product is an ultra-short-acting analgesic used for general anaesthesia, characterised by its potent analgesic action together with its ability to rapidly regulate pain.
General anaesthesia for a healthy fearful child is extremely safe and in the long run is the best out- come for the profession and patient0.
General Anaesthesia In this case, a person is unconscious with no awareness or memory of the surgery.
We report asymmetry of bispectral index (BIS) values during maintenance of general anaesthesia in a post-hemispherotomy patient with Sturge-Weber syndrome (SWS), and propose bilateral BIS monitoring for safe maintenance of general anaesthesia in patients with SWS.
Effects of remifentanil on cardiovascular and bispectral index responses to endotracheal intubation in severe pre-eclamptic patients undergoing Caesarean delivery under general anaesthesia. Br J Anaesth.
Objective: To compare the effect of spinal and general anaesthesia on the amount of blood loss during cesarean section.
The patient who receives dental treatment under general anaesthesia is usually a child, one with special needs, or one who requires an extensive dental procedure.

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