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Paraffin sections were subjected to in situ hybridization with a mixture of two gene probes, P15 and Q1, specific for detection of TSV (12), according to protocols published elsewhere (13,14).
With gene probes and monoclonal antibodies introduced at the meeting, the process would take only a few hours.
The additional advantages of the RT-PCR approach are that this method can be readily applied to both serum and tissue samples and that the sequence of the PCR-amplified segment allows conclusions about the relatedness of the detected virus to existing viruses and the synthesis of specific gene probes for this virus.
Use of gene probes and adhesion tests to characterise Escherichia coli belonging to enteropathogenic serogroups isolated in the United Kingdom.
Identification of enterotoxin Escherichia coli by colony hybridization using three enterotoxin gene probes.
tuberculosis complex by gene probes (ACCUProbe, GenProbe, San Diego,CA) and as llama-type M.
Biotechnology includes; DNA (the coding), genomics, pharmaco-genetics, gene probes, DNA sequencing/synthesis/amplification, genetic engineering; Proteins and molecules (the functional blocks): protein/peptide sequencing/synthesis, lipid/protein glyco-engineering, proteomics, hormones, and growth factors, cell receptors/signalling/pheromones.
Ireland is a world leader in Atlantic salmon molecular ecology and it is seen as vital to maintain a competitive edge in the research and application of novel gene probes," said Professor Tom Cross of the Zoology Department at NUI Cork.
Final gene probes are selected using Agilent's rigorous methodology, which includes computational and experimental wet-lab validation.