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Endocrinology A popular term for any anti-sex antihormone factor See Pheromone
Sociology An informal term for a person who actively transgresses, or 'bends,' expected gender roles—e.g., a man who wears make-up and feminine clothes. Gender bending can have a subtext of social activism in response to assumptions or over-generalisations about genders
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Many of the exotic eastern cults that rose in ancient Rome as the belief in the classic pantheon faded were similarly based on gender-bending (up to and including castration), and religious rites that were thinly disguised orgies.
However, the show has come for criticism with Ben Shapiro of Breitbart News writing that "nothing says 'child-appropriate material' quite like gender-bending underage superheroes." He also called Hub CEO Margaret Loesch a "leftist."
In the '90s, P-Orridge took up another radical body art collaboration, together with the late Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge, in their Pandrogyne project, which rook gender-bending and William Burroughs/Brion-Gysin's notions of the "third mind" and the cut-up method to aesthetic and biological extremes.
THE VERDICT Glenn Close got an Oscar-nomination for her role in this gender-bending period drama.
In fact, "Do it Like a Dude," the gender-bending reggae-tinged rapcore track that first made lezzie ears perk up and take notice has already hit No.
According to the show's director Tim Cusack, Cornbury's gender-bending was not merely an expression of textile preference but a strong imperial stance against Dutch influence on his colony: "If he is to be the ultimate source of power, then he has to be Queen Anne." Written by William M.
The 43-year-old Ohio native lives in San Francisco, where she teaches sex workshops and performs in gender-bending cabarets.
OSCAR-WINNING director Sydney Pollack, a Hollywood mainstay who achieved commercial success and critical acclaim with the gender-bending comedy Tootsie and period drama Out Of Africa, has died of cancer at 73, his agent said yesterday.
Cahun pioneer gender-bending roles in photography that influenced many other contemporaries and used costumes or masks to explore and tweak these representations.
The gender-bending pesticide DDT was discovered in creatures in the River Whiteadder in Berwickshire during routine testing by the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency.
Their gender-bending quintet changed the rock world, fostered punk, and flaunted outrageous extremes.
While Darling-Wolf finds the magazine representations to powerfully blur gender distinctions in ways that could be interpreted as complicating and deconstructing essentialized gender constructions, she concludes that the potentially empowering representations are mitigated by the equation of gender-bending with consumption.
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